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A Brief Introduction

The Therapeutic Use of Medicinal Herbs and Naturopathy

Helen is a passionate medical herbalist prescribing medicinal plants at the core of her naturopathic practice. The therapeutic use of medicinal herbs is based on scientific understanding of their constituents and actions in the body, as well as traditional knowledge gained over hundreds of years. Helen has completed a Bachelor Degree in Western Herbal Medicine and is amongst the best trained herbalists in the world. She has herbal extracts from around the world in her dispensary.

Helen has over twenty five years of experience in women's health. In her current practice she prescribes and mixes herbal formulas for each individual woman to bring regulated harmony to the menstrual and reproductive cycles, and to alleviate symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), painful and difficult periods and the menopause. Additionally she provides pre-conception care, nutritional and herbal support to women and their partners to increase the chance of earliest conception and maintenance of healthy pregnancy.

Naturopathy is the science of natural health as well as a traditional philosophy. The practice of naturopathy looks for the underlying causes of disease and enables the body to heal itself with the support of natural medicine such as food, nutrition, appropriate exercise and recreation. Helen has completed a Bachelor of Naturopathy which includes qualifications in nutrition, remedial massage, holistic counselling and the use of iridology for provisional diagnosis.

Overall Health and Well Being is dependent upon harmoniously balanced and dynamically functioning gastro-intestinal health. A number of conditions are debilitating and can cause illness and disease in the cells, tissues and organs of other systems such as the joints, muscles, skin and lungs. Helen uses naturopathic diagnosis and laboratory tests to diagnose gastro-intestinal conditions and to prescribe and mix herbal remedies for the underlying causes and the symptoms of reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and inflammatory bowel conditions. She provides nutritional advice and recommends nutrients and supplements for dysbiosis and 'leaky gut' - which is intestinal permeability.

A healthy immune system protects the body from infection, sensitivities and allergies. Significant results in random controlled trials (RCT's - the golden scientific standard) for the anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties of herbs and their effectiveness in treating influenza and secondary bacterial infections, have demonstrated herbal medicine may be more effective than anti-biotics.

The regulation of the immune system reduces the intensity and frequency of conditions such as asthma, hay fever, sinusitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, eczema and dermatitis.

Auto-immune conditions respond to herbal extracts that modulate and strengthen the adaptive immune system and reduce the intensity and duration of episodes of conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME), Crohn's Disease. Herbs and nutrients provide systemic support, reduce inflammation and pain, regenerate tissue repair and improve metabolism and detoxification.

What to Expect from a Consultation

At an initial consultation we will discuss the method of treatment that best works for you because any treatment plan must be practical and realistically achievable within your way of life. An initial appointment will last for an hour and will cost £120. Follow up appointments may be scheduled in two-four weeks time depending upon your individual condition and treatment and may be for an hour or 30minutes/ £60.

At a consultation we will discuss your health and medical history and focus on the priorities for achieving your optimum health. You will receive a treatment plan which may include recommendations for herbal medicine, herbal remedies, nutrients, supplements and tests. During the consultation we will discuss your lifestyle, diet and sleeping patterns and identify potentially beneficial improvements to support your body's natural ability to heal itself and to maintain health and well being in the face of the challenges of modern living.

Women's Health

- Hormonal Balance & Regulation
- Fertility & Infertility
- Menopause
- Chronic cystitis & infections  

Gastro-Intestinal Health

- Reflux Indigestion & IBS
- Candida Parasites Bacteria
- Ulcerative Colitis
- 'leaky gut' 

Immune Health & Allergies

- Sinusitis Rhinitis
- Hay Fever Asthma
- Bronchitis Cough
- Cold Flu Sore throat
- Excema
- Auto-immune conditions 

Stress Management

- Detoxification

- Insomnia

- Sustainable Performance

- Yoga Nidra Play!

- Yoga Nidra Download

Cardio-Vascular Health

- High blood pressure
- High cholesterol
- Vascular insufficiency 


- Hypothyroidism
- Syndrome X
- Psoriasis 

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